4th ESTLAT Forum 2017 to build up strong cooperation in tourism

4th ESTLAT Forum on the 23.11.2017 was dedicated to strenghen both neighboring countries tourism cooperation.

Our programm was divided to two parts. The first part represents Estonia Latvia cooperation in general, by making showcase how people outside see us and what are those key landmarks connected with Estlat. Our speakers from Estonian and Latvian Economical Ministries took closer look to the statistics and countries overall presentation in tourism sector, Mrs Aija Van der Steina looked Estonia and Latvia in the tourism competitevness point of view and Mervi Holmen gave closer look how product development for the countries travel image is made.

On the second part of the day 7 different Estonia- Latvia cross-border tourism projects gave closer look to their product development.

Conference day ended with "Livonia Award" gala, where "Balticovo" and "Tallink Latvija" received award for their dedication and investments to the Estonian and Latvian entrepreneurial climate.