Tartu Entrepreneurship Week takes place annually in October at the same time as the national entrepreneurship week in Estonia.

Project Delbi 2 made on the 03rd of October joint event with Estonian wood cluster companies in Tartu Teaduspark in SPARK Demo. Before the networking event took place seminar - "Innovative solutions in wood industry. B2B matchmaking for companies from Latvia and Estonia". Janek Pabut was introducing the sustainable and environmentally friendly cost effective building of wooden houses at EstHus OÜ. Effective manufacturing process has to follow the cost effectivness and resource-wise technologies in each area, starting from cutting the logs, using of allmost all of the cuts in different details, planning and preparation process until the house is ready to be installed. More information about EstHus OÜ

Sille Pihlak took audience towards combination of the architectural art and engineering design cooperation. She stressed about the need of architect-producer-engineer loop, that cooperates in the way where each specialists values, know-how and cooperation can give effective and high quality end-product.

Gatis Zamurs made overview of the Latvian wood cluster. He pointed out also that the volume of the wood construction export differs very greatly and in favor of Estonia. Better cooperation and exchange of knowhow can raise the turnover and capacity of better export. He also explaned the reasons of prejustice why building the wood houses or its construction is not so popular.


After the seminar networking event between Estonian and Latvian wood cluster companies begun in "Ideede Teisipäev" which is regular SPARK Demo event and is dedicated to innovate and boost new ideas, career opportunities and joint-cooperations.