The 3rd call for proposals is thematically targeted for the Specific Objective 1.2. - "More jointly developed products and services in the programme area" and will be open from 5 October till 14 December 2017.

 Launching event of the 3rd call will be held on 5 October in Tartu, Estonia. Register here. Registration is open until 28th September.

 Overview of SO 1.2 


At least one SME from Latvia and one SME from Estonia must participate in the development of a joint product or service

Specific requirements

Participating SMEs must take into account following criteria:

-  The participating SME must have at least 50 000 EUR for annual turnover for year 2016.

-  The annual reports of participating SME-s for years 2015 and 2016 are submitted to the relevant national registries.[1]

-  Requested ERDF support for an SME can be maximum 50% of the SME’s last annual turnover.

-  All participating SMEs must have their own functioning product or service at the time of submitting a project application.


All SO 1.2 projects must fulfil the following output indicators:

-  Joint products and services developed in cooperation

-  Joint marketing activities.


Maximum grant size: 500 000 EUR.


Examples of expected activities for joint product development

-  Joint product and service development;

-  Long-term development activities for SMEs;

-  Building marketing and sales related competencies;

-  Marketing activities;

-  Enhancing cooperation between SMEs, research and educational institutions, and public support structures.


For more information read the chapter 3.1 in the programme manual.